Stand with us to protect our constitutional freedoms.

Historian Paul Johnson rightly asked, "[Will America make] good her audacious claims?

The United States of America has often been asked whether she will rightly represent the freedom she claims to harbor and possess. It is a valid question. Despite her bold claims there have been many stains on this nation’s history.

Yet, in the midst of those injustices, there has always been hope because the very founding and structure of America was designed in the effort to protect and promote individual freedoms. Even in the midst of struggle, there has been a means by which to struggle forward.

Right now we are at a crossroad in our nation’s history. The fundamental structure of internal checks and balances between governmental branches is under threat as executive overreach and emergency police powers invalidate the legislature and distort our democratic republic.

If this is not addressed, legal precedent will remove legislative legitimacy and we will evolve into something unrecognizable – a place where individual liberties and representative authorities are removed for the “sake of the collective.”

So today, we are taking a stand to protect individual freedoms. Freedoms we all hold dear, but often take for granted.

Free Persons' Initiative

Free Persons’ Initiative is a collection of attorneys, business owners, minority groups, retired law enforcement, and college students who have decided to take action regarding recent governmental concerns. Namely, the overreach of executive orders infringing on individual rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment and a lack of protection around voting rights in the up and coming November election.
Our action includes: educating the public on U.S. law, bringing strategic lawsuits to establish legal precedence that protects individual liberties, and informing the public on recent events.

In a world currently divided, we stand united, in affirmation of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Join us - stay informed, take action, and stand with us. Together we can protect and restore the promise of Individual Liberties and a Free Society

Who's Behind Got Freedom?

What We Do...


Knowing who we are and where we come from is essential to help determine where we are going. We work as a collective to educate the public about our nation’s history, governmental structure, and about the legal theory involved in today’s discussions. This is accomplished through social media, interviews, strategic partnerships, and virtual events that allow us to connect and dialogue concerning current events from a historical perspective.


“[W]here there is no law, there is no freedom.” – John Locke 
In addition to providing grassroots information, we strive to create a lasting legal impact. Through financial sponsorship from The Thomas More Society and True the Vote we have been able to file a series of law suits in order to challenge executive overreach and in an effort to establish legal precedent that will create a safeguard protecting individual liberties from future governmental abuse.


The world is full of noise. We have taken a step back from the shouting match of who has the loudest voice and seek to speak with the clarity and precision.
Our website and media accounts are updated daily with relevant information about our legal efforts and current events related to the shutdowns. Additionally, we collaborate with leaders and educators to cultivate discussion rather than curate political rhetoric. Our action page is intended to serve as invitation for you to join us in that discussion.

Current States of Activity