Partner for Truth

Partner to support Jessie and Ethan, as they re-enter back into their everyday American lives, after coming forward to share their stories to shed light on the question of election fraud in the U.S. Post Office.

We stand in support of Jesse and Ethan, and their efforts to serve the American people by sharing what they experienced concerning the 2020 presidential election and the question of USPS election fraud. Both Jesse and Ethan have experience financial hardships from coming forward, so we have acted in partnership with them in setting up this official fund to support their transition back into everyday life. 100% of donations go directly to Jesse and Ethan via GoFundMe. Got Freedom? and The Got Freedom Project receive no funds or payments in return. Thank you for partnering to support Truth Tellers and Everyday Americans who act with honor and honesty.

Meet Jesse and Ethan

Jesse and Ethan Press Conference