America First No More: A Brief Recap of the Biden Foreign Policy

In his 2016 inaugural address Trump announced that the “American carnage stops right here and right now.” Trump’s address was inherently anti-globalist. He called out both past Republican and Democrat presidents who had entangled our great nation into very expensive global conflicts, many of which caused the death of our great solders, and demanded that it come to an end.

The overall message of the Trump’s presidential term was that the forgotten men and women were forgotten no more. That is not to say that the Trump administration was a perfect, but that his priority was the American people. On March 7, I wrote an op-ed for El American, a bilingual news site for freedom lovers, detailing the disastrous potential consequences of the Biden foreign policy. My article was written as a response to Blinken’s 2019 op-ed in the obviously “unbiased” New York Times.

In my El American op-ed, I briefly detailed Trump’s America First doctrine: namely, tax cuts, increasing our defense spending, getting the U.S. out of costly endless wars, and persuading our NATO allies to increase their defense spending so that they can stop relying on our great military. We now have a Biden presidency. And his first actions, in my opinion as a U.S. immigrant, were troubling, predictable, and disappointing to say the least.

He sent to Congress an amnesty bill, signaling to many migrants that our borders are open and they will not be deported if they enter the U.S. unlawfully. He froze a Trump-era regulation that lowered drug prices. He pledged to increase the number of refugees who were displaced by the numerous wars that Biden as Senator and VP supported, and finally, an airstrike against Syria.

You would think that in the middle of a pandemic, Biden would prioritize our nation, and work with Republican lawmakers to pass an effective and fair COVID relief bill that does not increase our debt l. Instead, Biden delivered an airstrike against Syria before he delivered much needed relief to the American population.

That’s what I believe will be the Biden legacy: Endless wars first, America second. The Biden Legacy: Libya, Afghanistan, and Cuba.

It is hard for me, as a conservative, to forget about disastrous legacy of the Obama-Biden years. Do you remember of the invasion of Libya? Or how about the failed 2009 “surge” in Afghanistan? Does the annexation of Crimea by Russia ring any bell? Many of my left leaning friends fail to remember those years. The chaotic narrative pumped out by the mainstream media, big tech, and far left alliance has accused Trump and his administration of violating international norms, of appeasing dictators and tyrants, of invading foreign nations, leaving America alone to deal with international issues.

Yet, the facts reveal it has been Biden who has appeased dictators and tyrants in Latin America by re-opening diplomatic relations with the Marxist regime of Cuba. The Obama-Biden administration invaded Libya in 2011 and ordered a failed surge of U.S. troops to Afghanistan, creating regional chaos, providing a safe heaven for terrorists, and putting our great troops in danger.

The cognitive dissonance of the far left is tragic and appalling. For four years, Trump abandoned the international norms that put all nations ahead of the U.S., norms that have provided zero benefits to you and your family. For the next four years, we may see a foreign policy that puts America second and the globe first.

Yet we have hope – we are thankful that there are so many Americans that have not forgotten the disastrous years of the Obama-Biden years and are constantly making their voices heard. And we are grateful for the opportunity to stand with you all in the effort to protect and keep America first in our foreign policy decisions.

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by Luis Cornelio