Amistad: Pennsylvania Judge Orders Secretary of State to Segregate Ballots Statewide

Harrisburg, Pa., Nov. 6, 2020 — In response to an order from Judge P. Kevin Brobson of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, the following statements were issued on behalf of the plaintiffs in case 600 M.D. 2020.

Phillip D. Kline, Director of the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society:

“Today, a Commonwealth Court Judge issued a statewide order calling into question whether thousands or tens of thousands of ballots are being handled properly and fairly. The order requires the Secretary of the Commonwealth to notify each County Boards of Election to set aside those ballots so they can be lawfully reviewed to ensure that this election was properly managed. Following Judge Brobson’s wise and lawful decision, we must now allow the time it takes to ensure that the process worked and that the law was properly applied in this election.”

Thomas W. King III of Dillon McCandless King Coulter & Graham L.L.P.:

“We commend Judge Brobson and the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania for this order to Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar, requiring legally-cast ballots received by Election Day to be segregated from provisional ballots statewide. This will allow the proper and lawful counting of ballots across the Commonwealth to be conducted for up to 16 days. Judge Brobson’s order is a victory for the voters of Pennsylvania who are rightfully demanding that ballots be properly segregated so they can be counted by non-partisan officials under the watchful eye of both political parties and their election attorneys. While Secretary Boockvar has been resistant to comply with voting laws in this election, we fully expect her to comply with this order from the Court.”

Reference: 600 M.D. 2020

SOURCE Amistad Project