Michigan Lawsuit Demands Prompt Redress of Systematic Ballot Manipulation in Wayne County

Systematic Ballot Manipulation in Wayne County

Immediate Relief Sought as Tens of Thousands of Fraudulent and 

Improper Ballots Could Swing Election; Disenfranchise Honest Voters 

Amherst, Virginia/November 4, 2020 – This afternoon a lawsuit was filed in Michigan State Court seeking to set apart as many as tens of thousands of ballots that were improperly completed by Wayne County election board officials and Democratic election observers.  

The lawsuit also requests immediate and comprehensive discovery to determine the whereabouts of these ballots and for public disclosure of how records were kept of ballots received in drop boxes.  

On election night 120 counting groups were operating in a large building the size of two football fields in Wayne County. As routinely happens, a small percentage of ballots were rejected by voting machines, such as for being illegible.  

To count as a vote, a new ballot is to be filled in by hand and submitted to the machine. Under Michigan law, both a Democrat and Republican observer must agree to the changes on the ballot and the initial rejected ballot is to be set aside.  

There are numerous eyewitness accounts of only Democrat observers completing these ballots and of only Democratic officials determining which voters should have new ballots prepared for them and whether the new ballots accurately reflects the voters’ intent. This violates Michigan law.  

Phill Kline, Director of The Amistad Project, which is supporting the litigation said, “It is imperative that these rejected ballots be quarantined immediately and that representatives of both parties be able to evaluate them. Allowing tens of thousands of illegally cast ballots to potentially determine the election outcome in Michigan is a clear and present threat to American democracy. As such, we are optimistic the court will do the right thing and act swiftly.”   

The Amistad Project, whose mission is to preserve civil liberties, is an initiative of The Thomas Society, a not-for-profit national public interest law firm. For additional information visit https://got-freedom.org/